Kilifi Creek is home to Kilifi Maghreb, we are sandwiched between the rolling hills of Fumbini  and the semi-private beach of Sea Horse. 

Set in lush tropical gardens with modern amenities and light spacious interiors, Kilifi Maghreb offers cool, comfortable surroundings, perfect for afternoon reads, a swim or alfresco dining.
The beach at Sea Horse is a mere two minute walk while Kilifi town and Bofa beach with a variety of restaurants, pubs and a vibrant local market, is only a ten-minute bicycle ride away.
Kilifi Maghreb is centrally located for one to explore what the Kenyan coast has to offer ; sample 2 golf courses – the internationally acclaimed Vipingo Ridge and the up-coming Mandharini, 2 World - recognized bio-diversity sites – Malindi and Kuruwitu Marine parks, the ancient ruins of Gede, mangrove forests at Mida, World famous white sandy beaches of Watamu, Arabuko Sokoke forest (one of the few remaining tropical forest) and kite surfing at Kivukoni.

The Kilifi / Kilifi Creek area

From Maghreb, one can easily explore all what the Kenyan coast has to offer such as:

  • Towards Mombasa - Fort Jesus, Wild Waters, Mamba Village, Haller park, Nyali Golf Club.
  • Towards Malindi / Watamu: Arabuko sokoke forest, Gede ruins, Mida Creek boarded walk, Bio-ken snake farm, Malindi marine reserve, Malindi Vasco da Gama pillar.
  • In close proximity - Vipingo golf course, Mnanarani ruins, boat rides, and swanky sea side restaurants, Buccaneer Diving, based at Mnarani Club.



  • Giriama village visit
  • Bird watching at Maya island
  • Marine Park tours – Kuruwitu Marine Park or Malindi Marine Park
  • Golf – at the World class Vipingo Ridge
  • Cycling – bookings allowing, we provide free bicycles for our guests to explore the neighborhood.

We will arrange your set-ups, manage special dietary needs,  arrange leisure activities and generally ensure that your stay is as stress-free as possible. as possible.

Great for:

  • Walking holidays
  • Rural /countryside retreats
  • Beach or Lakeside relaxation
  • A well deserved winter break

The Kenyan Coast Region

Kilifi is a town on the Kenyan Coast which sits on both sides of an estuary and linked by a bridge.It lies on the majestic Kilifi Creek between Malindi and Mombasa. The town is known for its pristine bofa beach, the ruins of Mnarani, and the dhow races.

Kilifi enjoys ward weather throughout the year and has two moderate rainfall seasons around April and October, even during the long rains its seldom rains continuously for days on end.

The Landscape is dotted with trees such as Cocos lucifera, Anacadium occidentale, Azadirachta indica, Mangifera indica and is home to some birdlife too including crows, kites and hawks.

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